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York Web Design and Marketing is now a separate business having broken away from our sister business Pinnacle Web Design. Due to high demand on both the website development and media marketing we are now individual entities. Set up in 2004 the business has over 200 clients (and increasing) on its current books, from multi million pound companies to small independent and charity organisations.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality website design / development, marketing and digital strategies for our clients. Running social media or indeed Ad Words campaigns takes time and effort to get right and that's why we are here to take the pressure off you and ensure your marketing and digital marketing is undertaken at the highest possible standard.

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We understand that media marketing and a clean modern, correctly coded website go hand in hand. Given that online marketing contributes to over 12 billion to the UK market it a serious player. Not having a online presence or media outlet will constrict any business growth without engagement of thousands of potential clients which in turn will grow its client base. 

Organic search listings

Its that well known fight to the top, the holy grail that is P1 listing on Google. For many sites this will never be a possibility given the variables on the Google algorithm to indexing your website. The key to the best possible listing is a correclty coded and lightweight site to give you the chance of getting that page 1 listing. We run complex insight reports and can identify any issues with any site.

Ad words (PPC)

Google AdWords is a CPC (cost per click) service that enable you to run online adverts to target your audience for any business. We undertake and build complex Ad Words campaigns for many businesses around York and the rewards are very evident. We are very happy to supply you with references to back up our claims that our campaigns WORK!

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Goolge Analytics
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Getting Started on Analytics

Google Analytics is a major tool used to track metrics from any website, this information is  essential to ensure that your site is optimised as it should be. The information from Analytics covers things such as target audience, device used, platform, area (location) and of course keywords used to find your site. We can interpret this data and make changes to the site as required. As part of our marketing and website development we integrate Google Analytics into every website and automate monthly reports back to you.

If you would like further information on Google Analytics please give us a call.  

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Website Design & Development

All our website developments are undertaken by our sister company Pinnacle Web design (York). Having developed over 200 websites since 2004 they know how to do the job properly. Attention to detail and a deep knowledge of modern coding protocols such as HTML5 and CSS3 as well as advanced understanding of Adobe products such as Photoshop and Illustrator make our websites special and customer engaging.

Please visit our sister company for more information on website development with the link below.

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Real World sites to work cross platform

We still see many websites that are not currently mobile friendly or use technologies such as "flash" that is no longer supported by modern browsers and platforms like Android, iOS etc. If your website is not ticking the boxes required by Goolge or for that matter other search engines dont expect your site to rank well at all. This can also be the case on template based free open source platforms such as Wordpress and Joomla.

We carry out FREE appraisals to any website that will identify any major problems that could be holding your website back.

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digital marketing & social media

Having trouble with social media working for you?  We carry out and run up to 90 campaigns for our clients to ensure they keep up to date and engage on a large scale with their client base. Call us if you need help getting your news across.

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